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Epoxy curing agent

Epoxy curing agent

Polyamide epoxy resin curing agent is a kind of low molecular weight compound taking vegetable oil unsaturated fattyacid dimer and polyamine.

Properties and features
Excellent adhesive force, flexibility, insulation, water proofing, wear resistance and chemical stability
Curing in water under normal temperature
Large matching range and high safety in operation

Quality index

Product model Color and lustre
Solid content %
CXC-650 9# 10000-30000 180-210 ≥98
CXC-651 9# 2000-10000 380-410 ≥95
CXC-8140 9# 200-1000 370-400 ≥95

Main uses:
It is applied in machinery, electric appliance, petroleum, petrochemical, aviation, shipping, construction, national defense, vehicle, telecommunication industry.
As coating, it has fine adhesive force, anti-aging, anti-rusting property;
As adhesive agent, it is widely applied in bonding of metal and nonmetal material, for example, iron, and aluminum, ceramic, glass, rubber, wood and plastic;
For manufacturing of oil paint;

Packaging and storage: plastic drum or iron drum lined with plastic; 190kg or 20cube ISO tank;
Should be preserved in cool and ventilated place


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