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Stearic acid

Stearic acid

Fatty acid is white or white powder or crystalline lumps of soapy, its profile microstrip fine acicular crystal gloss; a similar oil micro smell, stearic acid soluble in chloroform or ether, dissolved in ethanol, almost insoluble in water.

Quality index

project index
acid value(mgKOH/g) 208218
Iodine valuee(gl2/100g) 1230
Value of the number of(mgKOH/g) 208220
Color and lustrer(#) <=2
freezing point(℃) 5761
Water content(%) <=3
C16:0 >=80%
C18:0 3-4%
C18:1 6%
C18:2 10%

Main purposes: widely used in cosmetics, plasticcold plasticizers, release agent, stabilizer, surfactant, rubber vulcanization agent, waterproofing agent, polishing agent, metal soap, softener, pharmaceuticals and other organic chemicals.

Packaging and storage: lined with polyethylene plastic film woven bag, 25kg/ bag. Store in a cool, ventilated place


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